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About Us

   Fectsim Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer that develops,  designs, and produces high-density  DC-DC converter, switching power supplies and  provides power electronic solutions. It is located in Pudong, Shanghai.

   DC-DC converters have 2:1 and 4:1 wide input range. High-power module has power rating of up to kilowatts; high-voltage input module has input voltage of 1 kilovolt and above, and products can be customized. Power electronics  solution products have hardware and software integration, such as pet training collars.
   The company’s core technical staff from CELESTICA, C&D TECHNOLOGIES and other  technology companies with rich experience in engineering and independent design and  development capabilities. we continue to apply the latest, stable and reliable  technology to the products, and dedicate to product innovation to meet the customer  needs.
   Our goal: to be reliable power electronics components provider.  

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